nullWe are a liturgical church which means that we follow orders of services during worship. We refer to these orders as “Divine Service.” The main image behind that title is Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. When we gather it isn't to “give God his due,” as if He needs anything from us. Rather, we gather to receive from Him. Through Word and Sacrament, Jesus brings us the gifts He won for at the cross: forgiveness, life, and salvation. In response to His love for us we sing praises, listen closely to His word and offer our prayers of thanksgiving and supplication. To that end our worship is historic and liturgical, and designed to glorify God by rejoicing in His salvation.

Sunday of the Month 8:00 10:30
First Sunday Blended Divine Service 1
Second Sunday Divine Service 1 Divine Service 1
Third Sunday Divine Service 3 Divine Service 3
Fourth Sunday Divine Service 4 Divine Service 4
Fifth Sunday Varies from Matins to hymn sings