Bible Study

Sunday Bible Study 9:30- Enduring Faith - Pastor Neubauer

Our Bible study during the school year will be following the Sunday School curriculum.  You are welcome to join us in person between services in the social hall. The class will be live streamed on Facebook as well. A link to the PDF for the week is on our homepage. Click the "Enduring Faith" icon to download it.

Sunday Bible Study 9:30- Patience & Perfection - Deaconess Newton

We'll be going through Dr. Paavola's book, Patience & Perfection! Let Sarah or Ginny know if they should order you a book.

Tuesday Morning 8:30-9:45 - The Gospel of Luke - Pastor Neubauer

We are continuing our walk through the Gospel of Luke which we started last year. We are meeting in person and will both live stream the class on our FaceBook page and use Google Meet

Wednesday Morning 10:30-11:30 - How to Read the Bible - Pastor Knaack

This class is meeting in person in the fellowship hall.

Midweek Women's Group - Ladylike - Deaconess Sarah Newton

This women's group is meeting online at 7:30 p.m. twice a month on Thursdays. This month's dates are September 10 and September 24. Sarah Newton leads the group which is currently working through the book "Ladylike." You can pick up a copy at the church. Cost is $12. You can also purchase E-book  and audiobook versions from Concordia Publishing House. Click here to check them out.

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This week, we'll be continuing our excursus discussing homosexuality, and picking up the conversation with an exploration of Romans 1-3!

Take a look at these two, brief videos on the issue:

See last time's discussion Guide here

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