This will be a short service intended for those who prefer to watch the Sunday worship services online or are not comfortable being in a larger group but would still like to receive communion. If this option doesn’t work for you, please give us a call and talk to one of the pastors about arranging for private communion. Here's the details:

- No sign up requirement! Just show up before noon so you have time to sign in and get settled.

- The service will follow the previous Sunday for hymn selection, reading and message. We expect it to last about 20 minutes.

- We're aiming for a maximum of 20 people.

- Service will be held in sanctuary.

- Printed order of service will be available, no Power Point.

- Masks encouraged until seated.

- Your temperature will be checked at the door. If it's over 100 degrees we ask that you not attend the service.

- Sign in at front lobby and find a pew. Use center doors B & C.

- You are encouraged to sit towards the front by center aisles but maintain social distancing.

- Pastors will commune people in the pews.

- You will be dismissed by pew at end of service.