Pastor Neubauer was born and rasied in Grafton, WI. He attended St. Paul's Lutheran Chruch and school and, later, Milwaukee Lutheran High School.

  In 1988 he earned an undergratudate degree at Concordia College, River Forest, IL in Secondary Education and taught Chemistry, Physics, and Math at Lutheran West in Detroit, MI.

 In 1990, after two years of teaching, he applied and was accepted into the Master's of Divinity program at Concordia Seminary at St. Louis, MO. After the studies, vicarage in Dayton, IA, and certification, he was called to be Assistant Pastor at St. Johns in 1994.

In 2000 the Senior Pastor, Rev. Don Fondow, took a call to serve at MN-North District Office. Pastor Neubauer was placed as Senior Pastor the following June.

In addition to working with the congregation in the Kingdom of God, Pastor has been able to celebrate with the congregation some personal milestones of life, especially marriage to his wife Kim in 1997, and the birth and baptism of their first-born Daniel in 2002. And in 2005 the birth and baptism of their daughter Jillian, followed by the birth and baptism of their son Matthew in 2006. The family was rounded out with the birth and baptism of Sophia in 2011.

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