(This post comes from 1517.org. It was written by Pastor Donavon Riley, of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Webster, Minnesota. You can find the original post here.)

Moses confesses that the Lord is always present (Psalm 90). God formed the earth. God formed and breathed life into human beings. What can we compare God to, then? Time is nothing to the Lord. A thousand years are nothing to him who never grows old. Men and women are born. They live for a moment, then die. Who in human history is comparable to God? Nobody. God is incomparable.

Moses compares God's time to our lifespan. This time that God has given to us, is intended for us to consider our Creator, who is good and holy, and his creation, which is disobedient. Moses then meditates on God's anger towards sin and writes about his fear of being consumed by God's anger. As a consequence, Moses prays for the Lord's compassion and mercy, so he may rejoice and be glad.

Just like Moses, we pray for the Lord's compassion and mercy because we also consider how God looks at his creation, which was created holy but rebelled and fell into disobedience. In every generation, God is our dwelling place, but we are compelled by our love for sin, fear of death, and trust in Satan's lies to run away from the safety of the Lord's presence. God is always our God, and there is nowhere we can run where he is not already there to meet us, but still insist on trying to run and hide from him.

So we ask God to give us a heart of wisdom. We pray that he will teach us to number our days. We hope that God shows us his beauty so that we may rest in God's faithful, loving-kindness. That's why we set aside time every day to consider God's word and works. We meditate on what our Lord has to say about himself and us so that we may avoid sin, death, and hell and trust in the hope of forgiveness, life, and eternal salvation earned for us by Christ Jesus.

We may not have as much life in us - like Moses who lived one hundred and twenty years. But we don't need that much time for God to teach us about God's eternity and our frailty. God gives us twenty-four hours at a time. One day at a time, God provides us with a heart of wisdom, and in this way, our Lord teaches us to number our days.

Whether we are awake or asleep, we are here because our Creator sent his only-begotten Son to rescue us from his furious anger towards sin. In Christ, the beauty of our Lord is revealed and shines upon us through the Gospel. Jesus gave his life as a ransom so that we may enjoy the compassion and mercy of God. In Christ, we can be glad every day God gives to us.

Because our days are numbered, then, we need the beauty of the Lord to shine on us each day. We need the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached to us every day. In Christ through faith, and with him, and through him, we receive his Spirit, the Spirit of wisdom, who reveals that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. When we pray to the Lord, we pray to Jesus. When we cry to God for salvation, we are crying for Jesus to come and show us his compassion and mercy, which are his beauty. That's why, in Christ, every day is a day from God to consider his beauty.